Nintendo ds things.

Its 2021 and things where in lockdown for a while here, plus its winter.Im isolated a lot, and my thoughts and memories are turning back to an earlier time, 11 years ago abouts.Im playing ds games again.Nostalgia hit me hard.Back In the day I had the biggest best D.S. collection ever, I had .. everything.overContinue reading “Nintendo ds things.”

Tamagotchi part 2

Ok, back on my b.s.where have I been? I found an old pokemon pearl cart and got seriously distracted.Grindin those mons got me bad.Anyway, Tamagotchi from music star onward went into a downward spiral. Retailers after a while stopped carrying them, and it started with our next entry. Tamatown tama-go Omg, I got one ofContinue reading “Tamagotchi part 2”

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Tamagotchi part 1

Omg, I once had the BIGGEST set of virtual pets.I will always have a soft spot for them. Stopping in on ebay the other day to spy the prices for a Digimon toy that came out roughly two years ago blew my mind though.A twentieth anniversary pendulum toy from 2019 is nearly two hundred dollars.LookingContinue reading “Tamagotchi part 1”

View-Master stuff

So, Its almost Christmas, we are in the middle of world events, and I am stressed.So I do what anyone would do, I hit up local thift stores to relax and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.Tbh? Id write something about the holidays, or my memories of the holidays, but I’m not feeling it thisContinue reading “View-Master stuff”

Mp3 Players

Today, In this year of our lord 2020, I bought an mp3 player.I thought about it the other day, when was the last time we saw just an mp3 player, or anyone talking about them?Its wild, they where such a ubiquitous part of culture and media. Now, because cellphones can do that and every otherContinue reading “Mp3 Players”


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